1.  Automatic one keystroke Data Back-up.

  2.  Automatic customer receipt generation.

  3.  Automatic filing and retrieving of all customer purchases.

  4.  Automatic creation of mailing labels from customer database.

  5.  Automatic report generation based on customer database records.

  6.  Automatic updating of credit file for credit customers.

  7.  Automatic sales updating to the Electronic General Ledger.

  8.  Automatic tracking of total dollar amount of each product sold.

  9.  Automatic sales tax processing and sales recall report, per customer.

  11. Automatic creation & maintenance of Partial Payment file.

  12. Automatic check printing and check reconciliation.

  13. Automatic Income Statements (Profit & Loss statement).

  14. Automatic creation of a Electronic Rolodex and Message Center.

  15. Automatic connection to the Internet.

ONLY . . . . $199.
Ideal for Mary Kay & Amway type businesses

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