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The ‘Physicians – Practitioners Office Assistant’, known as ‘The Service’, can be operated as a Desktop Application or as a Web Based Service. 'The Service' is designed to provide an enhanced clinical and administrative user experience by eliminating "Double Entry" of information that is common to both Clinical and Administrative reporting requirements.

 'The Service' is most useful for those operating independent healthcare businesses. In particular those entities that operate in a mobile environment.   ‘The Service’ uses a Sliding Payment usage model per Module, and will require that each Module User formally declare ‘The Service’ as a Business Associate for each subscribed Module. Thus, forming a HIPAA compliant covered entity partnership, for the sharing of Protected Health Information (PHI).
 The Sliding Payment Model allows the User to subscribe only to services needed. The cost of our basic Service Module starts a $149 per User. This includes the usage of all clinical data gathering functionalities, office bookkeeping, and document exchange with FHIR Servers.

  The goal is to provide an efficient cost effective solution for automating the process of aggregating Patient Data manually entered into ‘The Service’ database and Patient documents retrieved electronically from external repositories. The C-CDA documents retrieved can also be reconciled back into ‘The Service’ (meaning the automatic updating of the Patients Problem List, Medication List, Allergy List, and Lab Test Results).  

   ‘The Service’ is designed for efficiency in streamlining the process of maintaining and reporting clinical and administrative data collected on the User’s patient population. This efficiency is accomplished in two ways:
   1). By a workflow technique called ‘Open Platform’ whereby the User can SEE and GET direct access to discrete clinical processes without having to sequentially drill down to the needed data. This also promotes a quick learning cycle as all functionalities are visible.
  2). By automatically pre-populating Demographic and Clinical data into actionable Reports  (C-CDA documents), thereby eliminating excessive keystrokes and the need to ‘Cut & Paste’.

  Additional efficiency is realized when the User records an ‘Encounter of Services Rendered’. A simultaneous compilation of the Insurance Claim if needed, and if needed, a financial update into the built-in Bookkeeping System, for any payments received from the Insurer and any payments made by the Patient. Also, ‘The Service’ automatically compiles a mail-ready Patient Payment Aging Statement of unpaid balances for each Patient. This feature also encourages good record keeping in as much as the Insurance Claim invoices are extracted directly from recorded encounters. And this feature also satisfies the Medicare requirement of documenting a Providers attempt to collect Co-Payments from Patients.      

  ‘The Service’ operates over the SECURE https Protocol.  

   ‘The Service maintains an encrypted User Audit file.  

  ‘The Service’ supports the complete Meaningful Use Common Clinical Data Set.

  ‘The Service’ supports three (3) data reporting structures; HL7 C-CDA Templates, HL7 2.5 Messages, and Free Text. .

  ‘The Service’ supports Secure Email (DIRECT) for receiving and transmitting messages, this is accomplished by The Service’ providing Secure Mailboxes for all registered Users.  

  ’The Service’ supports FHIR Server connections for Clinical Data Requests and Document Create updates. This connectivity is enhanced with a built-in FHIR Service Directory, allowing an unlimited number of external resource connections. Additionally, each resource connection can be linked and locked to any given Patient, whereby eliminating the need for the User to remember where the primary source of information resides for a given Patient.  

                                                          Product Enhancements  
 ‘The Service’ houses both a ‘Provider’ and ‘Patient Care-Giver’ Directory which specifically links Providers and Care-Givers to their respective Patients. This facilitates the automated compiling and sending of 'Summary of Care' documents to all Caregiver Team Members  

  ‘The Service’ includes a ‘Decision Support Engine’ which can be programmed (based on a Patients Demographics, Problem List, Medication List, and Lab Test Result Parameters) to trigger queries to external Educational Content Providers for "Best Practices" guidance. The National Library of Medicine and RxNorm are currently connected for queries.

  ‘The Service’ monitors and alerts the User on the status of incoming and outgoing reports i.e. Rx Refill Requests, Provider and Patient Document Requests, Lab Orders Pending, Lab Results Received, Immunization Re-Send Notification, External Reports Available, Secure Email Available, Up-Coming Appointments, and System Backup Overdue.

  ‘The Service’ supports Provider to Patient Tele-video Conferencing and Documenting inside the patient record.  

  ‘The Service’ has a Patient Appointment Scheduler that supports automatic Patient Appointment Reminders to the User (can also send email to Patient) and supports automatic reminders of Patient Recurring Tests and Exams.

  ‘The Service’ supports E-blasts and Text Messaging to the Patient roster (un-secure messages).








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